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If your answers is YES to one of the following ... you've found the right place
I want to find a playful and meaningful way to develop my creativity and nourish my self.
I have a dream to become a storyteller, and tell stories around the fire-side, on stage, in the class-room, boardroom,t he bedside of a dying person (or anywhere else you can imagine… )
I wish to serve and develop my community, organisation or business through a more conscious exploration of the narrative we believe in and follow.
I am hungry for a social environment where I can be truly myself and speak freely, face to face, and not hiding behind a computer screen...
I’m going through a transition period in my life and am looking for a new direction.
I wish to ‘find my voice’ and develop more confidence so I can tell my story and speak in public.
I want to be able to help other people find their voice and tell their stories.
I care about the future of the Earth,our environment and humanity and want to be able to pass on some traditions,wisdom or inspiring visions to the next generation
I want to learn more about the wisdom and healing power of stories to help us meet the challenges of the 21st century.
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