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Experience the power of working with humanity’s great shifters and shapers - STORIES!

Mentoring is for:

* Individuals and organisations running storytelling programmes and trainings anywhere in the world.


* storytellers wishing to design a workshop or start a storytelling initiative.

* Activists, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and management teams who seek creative ways to navigate through conflict, stagnation, change, and challenge.

* Individuals and organisations wishing to 'midwife' the birth of a new story, higher consciousness, collaboration, and co-creation.

Coaching is for:

 * Beginner and professional storytellers, public speakers and senior leaders who wish to find and develop a way of storytelling unique to their own true voice and calling.


* Professional storytellers wishing to devise a new performance, develop new storytelling skills, or dig deeper into a story.

Narrative coaching managment team
professional storyteller coaching
storytelling performance coaching
storytelling performance coaching
professional storytelling coaching

The ground for my coaching and mentoring work is deep listening. A non-judgmental safe space for you to express yourself, and feel seen, heard, and understood.

We will map your needs, questions, gifts, and obstacles. If needed we will explore ways of overcoming self-limiting beliefs and unconscious habits.

Encouraging you to celebrate making mistakes,(they are after all a guaranteed path to new discoveries) we will experiment with guided venturing out of your comfort zone.

Through this creative work, you will experience new thoughts, fresh ways of being, and find new tools and possibilities. 

I have over 20 years of experience in leading deep processes of transformation for individuals, groups, and organisations! I love this work and offer my service face to face or on-line.

Contact me today to take your storytelling skills, your work, and your confidence to a new level!  ​

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