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A story for Black Friday weekend

Upload on 26/11/2018

Black Friday… Cyber Monday… here is a GIFT of a story (story builds on value as you pass it on )for this post thanksgiving madness:

Once upon a time, an elderly man entered the market place, in a small village at the foot of a tall mountain in Taiwan. He was pushing a little handcart which was packed with ‘xiao long bao’, deliciously smelling, steaming hot Dumplings.

The man started announcing his dumplings by shouting something very strange!

“A special sale!!! Only this weekend!!!! Hot and delicious dumplings! One for ten cents, two for twenty cents and three for FREE"

People thought he was crazy…Could this be true…Many of them gathered around him… and sure enough…he repeated shouting the same message:

" A special sale, only this weekend! Hot and delicious dumplings! One for ten cents, two for twenty cents and three for FREE!"

“You must be tricking us" said one person

"I have never spoke a lie in my life” answered the elderly man.

A big and strong man called Chen stepped forward and said:

“I will put him to the test”

Rolling up his sleeves he took one of the huge dumplings from the cart and ate it in front of the watchful crowd. He licked his lips. “Wow… It was delicious” he cried.

Though Chen felt quite full after eating the first one, he took another and ate it as well. By the time he finished it he was so full he could hardly walk…

Chen spoke to the seller: "So…old man, If I was to eat one more dumpling, I don't have to pay you, is that right?"

"Yes. You all heard me say - three for free." the elderly man replied.

The big Chen stuffed down his throat another dumpling and indeed, the old man kept his promise and didn't charge him at all.

Seeing this, the other villagers made a dash to buy all of the elderly man's dumplings. Everyone snatched the three free dumplings deal...

When the whole load of dumplings was eaten by the villagers, the elderly man spoke with a smile: "I did not imagine it was possible that you ALL should have such a good appetite,".

"Will you come back tomorrow? ” cried the People who did not get there in time for the bargain. The man nodded and left.

Just then, one of the villagers who was still chewing on the last of the three dumplings cried out suddenly, "Look at our mountain behind the village, it seems like it is missing a part! "

"nonsense! Said the rest of them and laughing went back home.

On the following day, the strange dumpling seller came back to the market place. "The sale is extended… my friends, One for ten cents, two for twenty cents, or three for free!"

Everyone grabbed the dumplings so fast and in no time, the dumplings were all eaten again.

On the third day, the same thing happened. But as the villagers were eating the dumplings, a young woman stepped forward and said to the seller. "Kind Sir, can I please pay for only one dumpling ?" Everyone was surprised. They laughed at the young woman! "Why would you pay for one dumpling when you could get three for free?" They mocked her.

" I feel sorry for this elderly gentleman" said the woman "I have watched him for days leaving this place with no reward for his hard labor. I wish I could pay him for two dumplings, but I have only enough money to pay for the one dumpling."

Some villagers felt ashamed when they heard the young woman's words.

But then the old man turned to her, and with a faraway look in his gray eyes spoke:

"Dear young one. At last I have found you. You are the kind of person suitable to be the beginning of a new story. You and others like you, shall join me in my new dwelling. I am the mountain god who rules from the mountain behind the village.

The villagers realized now that the old man was non other than the mountain god. It was then that they realized that his dumplings were actually made from mud that was dug out of the mountain.

When they looked again at his handcart they saw only a pot full of mud. When they turned and looked at the mountain, the villagers saw the mountain with a missing half.

The mountain god and the young woman vanished.

And the villagers, blaming each other for being greedy, were left behind in the village which was now exposed to storms and floods with only half a mountain to protect them.

This mountain is standing still in Taiwan until this very day. But for how long? Time will tell…


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