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Seeds for the future

Upload on the 13/7/2018

Here is a little story I Once heard from a Man called Bernard who was a hospital nurse. It is the story I told the students on our 3 months Storytelling Beyond Words course when we planted our seedlings pots out in the Biodynamic garden at Emerson College some months ago. Their plants are all in full flowring now!

There was once a man, a seeker, who following his heart’s desire to understand the ways of the universe, took a vow to keep on searching until he had found wisdom. He traveled far and wide, pondering about the right way to reach enlightenment and put an end to all the suffering in the world. On his journey he had conversations with many people, he saw many landscapes and cities and from time to time, he stopped in various spiritual schools where he met many wise teachers, seers and masters who passionately and compassionately spoke to him of the ways to reach the wonderful heights of the spirit. To tell you the truth, despite learning many things in these places, at the end of the day he was always left with the burdensome weight of his earthly existence. Now one day, as he was walking on a high road, he noticed to his side a path that went down across some fields. He decided to follow that path and did so until it came to an end in front of a small wooden hut, outside which stood a small sign saying: “Here you can buy EVERYTHING your heart desires”. The man entered the hut through a small door and there he met an old woman with long white hair and shining eyes. “Is it true,” the man asked, “can I really buy in this place EVERYTHING I wish for?” “Of course,” said the woman with the kind smile, “EVERYTHING! So, what can I get for you today sir?” Realizing the woman was serious in her words, the man did not pause for a second. He’d had the full list in his mind for years and so he immediately replied: “Well, I want absolute knowledge and understanding. I want peace of mind and a calm soul. I want to be able to understand and be understood by people no matter which background they come from. I want to know when to listen and what is the right thing to say in every moment. I want to be able to love myself and love others. I want the world to stop abusing nature and for people to overcome selfishness. I want no more wars and world peace and….” “Excuse me sir,” the woman interrupted his flow, “I think you have a small misunderstanding…what you are asking me for are the fruits ,but here in this place, we can only provide you with the seeds.”


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