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The desert rose

Upload on 17/10/2018

This Israeli desert rose grows in a spot where two worlds meet. The still earth, the rose, and the wind connects them both. In one world the sounds of laughing storytellers I am training, practicing their craft, connecting tenderly, sharing and practicing telling personal stories of learnings, love and heart. The wind changes direction often, and occasionally it carries from a distance sounds of the other world. Army bullets, shootings, from a hidden practice ground deep in the desert. Parallel universes, guns and roses, and very different kinds of practice… both sides deeply engaged in preparation for something. I know I am privileged to be on this side of the rose now, I was in the other over 20 years ago… Is it possible to reconcile this paradox?

"what would love say?"

I ask the rose that grows between 'us' and 'them', rooted in both worlds. She answers humbely echoing the words of Rumi. "Through Love Thorns become Roses"


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