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The long way and the short way

Upload on 29/9/2018 Here is a true little story that happened for me today… I shared today with the community of parents and teachers at York steiner school, exploring through storytelling the theme of community life in the light of Anthroposophy. As a part of the day we engaged in creating a collaborative mandala, transforming wool into felt. True to the spirit of wholesomeness the process started with the slow (and for some repetative and frustrating) task of carding the wool with traditional hand carders. Later a simple hand operated carding wheel was brought in. I observed an excited young child throwing aside the hand carders and leaping with excitement to embrace this fast efficient 'machine'. "It's so easy now" he shrieked with Joy. "Well my boy" said one of the older fathers standing nearby, "we don't want it to be too easy" The boy looked at him completely baffled. "What???, No, we do, we do want to make IT easy… of course we do! " said the boy. I looked at the two of them, both right, thinking to myself about the two opposite ends of wisdom and experience they represented. It made me think of technology, machines, and the price tag attached to speeding up processes. It made me think of how experiencing the "un-easy" moments in life can prepare us to develop the patience and endurance needed when we face the 'really difficult' moments, and to receive with gratitude the things that come easily. So, now, which path would you choose if you met a guardian at a Junction? The easy, or the not too easy?


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