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What would love say?

Upload on 10/10/2018

Once, the famous wise Socrates was stopped in the street by a man who ran up to him: “Socrates, you will not believe what I have to tell you about your friend whom you...” “Stop!” Socrates interrupted him, “Before you speak any further, did you put your story through the three sieves?” “Three sieves?” the man asked confused “What three sieves?” “The first one is the sieve of truth. Are you sure that what you want to tell me is true?” Socrates asked. “I am not sure, no, I just overheard it” the man said. “Well, the second sieve, is the sieve of good” Socrates said “Is it something good you’re about to tell me about my friend?” “Ehm no, on the contrary, it is disgraceful” said the man. “Hmmm” said Socrates “Let’s try the third sieve then, is it necessary to tell me this disgraceful story which may not be true about my friend?” “Well, of course it is not necessary but he... “. “Stop!” Socrates interrupted him again with a smile “If the story you’re about to tell me isn’t true, good or necessary, please tell me a different story!

The Buddha advised: “Speak with kindly motivation. Speak what is true and helpful. Speak in due season and to the benefit of all.”

This world could look different if even just one person in any situation (and especially in conflict) could remember to pause for a moment before speaking and ask: If Love was present here with us in this conversation,


Let's take it as a practice in our communities!


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