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To make a long story short...

Studying storytelling with me is a transformative pathway to developing your playful, creative, inner and social self. Through fun games and ingenious storytelling activities, you will develop deep roots to stand and speak with confidence and skill, find your unique voice and discover your own storytelling style. You will marvel at how stories help you grow and at how quickly strangers you meet on this path become encouraging friends. You will be profoundly moved by the joyful sense of community cultivated through sharing stories. When you leave, you will take with you some powerful master keys to use when faced with almost any door. Inspired and rejuvenated by stories, you will feel ready to welcome with fresh eyes whatever may happen next...

Building a repertoire as a storyteller, working with folk tales, wonder tales, modern stories and ancient myths. In-depth exploration of the relationship between stories old and new, their relevance to our lives, and which of them are asking to be told today.

The Oral Tradition

Working with meaningful experiences of your life and shaping them into stories to inspire individuals and communities around you.
Exploring how what is personal to us can touch
something universal in our listeners, revealing what being human is truly about.
Working creatively with our perception, understanding, and interpretation of personal experiences, this work opens doorways for finding fresh meaning in past experiences and seeing our present story as full of potential and possibilities.

Autobiographical Storytelling

Develop your own style of telling and find what you wish to serve with your unique voice and stories.
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learn how imagination, activated through work with stories, ritual and performance art, will enhance your potential to inspire and bring into public consciousness the new narratives and visions that you wish to share. Learning to use story, social games, strategy and structure to put your vision into action. Developing ‘out of the box’ solutions to challenges you wish to address.

Visionary activism and Social entrepreneurship

How to speak any story into life! Work on story structure, voice, gesture, movement, audience awareness, spontaneity and improvisation, authenticity and presence.

The Skills of the Storyteller

Practices to tune in to the inter- relationships between all living systems in nature, and our evolving planet as a conscious entity full of life and stories.

Deep listening and interconnectedness

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